Free Realms, the ambitious and aptly named MMORPG from Sony Online finally opened its beta sometime in the past three days for all to enjoy.‚  Those who signed up for the experience months ago finally received emails of acceptance speaking of a land of wonder, creation and exploration finally readily available to hop into.

Free Realms, when it releases on PS3 and PC sometime in late 2009 hopes to ameliorate the crushing boundaries many current MMO’s contain.

Free Realms will be just that, free to play but with optional subscription methods and micro-transactions available to enthusiasts.

I’ve spent some time in the beta and the level of uniqueness is exciting.‚  Combat is one hundred percent optional and classes can be altered on the fly, without creating a new toon.

Free Realms is absolutely focused on providing entertainment in a simplistic fashion for children, but at the same time, the world is massively deep and could pass as WoW’s little brother.

Head on over to Free Realms and sign up for the beta.‚  Once you’ve played a little, jump into the forums and let the developers know what you’re thinking, they want to know!

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