The Beatles are receiving the Rock Band treatment later this year and in the same way they took America by storm with their sweet tunes and lovable personalities, the fab 4 are also hitting the video game sector with unrelenting force.

Electronic Arts and Harmonix announced a premium bundle at a price point of $250 last month much to the bewilderment of fans everywhere.‚  What could possibly warrant such a lofty cost you ask?

Video game retail giant GameStop today revealed that the premium bundle is to include a Hƒ¶fner Bass guitar, a Ludwig branded drum kit complete with a metal kick pedal and drumhead even Ringo would be proud of and a microphone with a stand.‚  Additional “special content” is also to be included, hopefully referring to anything greater than Beatles stickers.

The Beatles: Rock Band premium bundle hits shelves 9/9/09 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii for 250 big ones.

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