As we reported last week, Killzone 2, the heavy weight first person shooter from Guerrilla Games has multiplayer DLC inbound.

Today, Sony dropped the release date for “Steel and Titanium,” allowing gamers everywhere to frag it up on Thursday, April 30th.

A post on the official PlayStation blog kindly unveiled the release date for the map pack, but made no mention regarding pricing.

The “Steel and Titanium” map pack includes two multiplayer environments, containing, as Sony puts it, “new gameplay elements and strategic twists.”

The two maps, Wasteland Bullet and Vekta Cruiser offer dynamic and unique challenges for ISA troops and Helghast alike.

Wasteland Bullet is set on a rapidly moving train throttling forward testing your ability to remain cognizant of both your enemies, and the changing environment.

Vekta Cruiser on the other hand is an entirely indoor arena complete with tight corners, staircases, and enemies everywhere. ‚ The walls will undoubtedly be caked with ISA and Helghast blood alike after a savage firefight, hopefully not yours!

The lack of a pricing announcement allows the free notion to continue, at least for a little.‚  What are PlayStation 3 gamers willing to fork over for this double dose of KZ2?‚  Let us know in the comments.

via PlayStation blog

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  1. Mornelithe

    Well, considering most PS3 owners aren’t cheapskates. I’d imagine they don’t care what it costs, as long as it’s decent software. KZ2 is definitely decent software 😉



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