Nintendo has a vested interest in American baseball.‚  The Japanese based video game company owns the Seattle Mariners and while the club may be lowly, Nintendo has other ideas, mainly in promotion of the Nintendo DS.

The Nintendo Fan Network debuted for the 2007 season and allows fans wielding the popular handheld access to a number of services via the stadiums’ Wi-fi including the ability to communicate with other fans, access game information and even order concessions.

As if that weren’t enough, Nintendo today announced a partnership with the sports giant ESPN to bring the experience to an unprecedented new level.‚  The revamped network allows those who bring their DS to the ballpark access to a slew of sports related content.

In a press release Nintendo states that “Mariners-related news, general sports news and headlines, fantasy sports news and updates, baseball columns from ESPN’s leading columnists, and ESPN Zoom Game, a photo-matching game for sports” all await you as a result of the partnership with ESPN.

Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing, says, “Whether you’re watching live video, ordering food from your seat or checking scores, the Nintendo Fan Network enhances the game-day experience for families and baseball enthusiasts alike.” Howard Lincoln, CEO of the Seattle Mariners, adds, “Our goal is to provide the best possible fan experience at Safeco Field. The Nintendo Fan Network gives users access to features and information that allow them to get the most out of their visit to the ballpark.”

Sure the Nintendo Fan Network is great and all; if you have a DS.‚  What about those deprived of the portable gaming goodness Ninty has worked so hard to achieve?

Fear not for at each home game during the first three months of the season, the first 150 in attendance will receive a complimentary rental DSi to take part in the wireless activity.

I have never made the trek to Washington State, but if I ever do, I will make sure to attend a game, sit in the nosebleeds and mess around on my DS for the entire 9 innings.

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