Easter really is the holiday that welcomes spring. Whether you are religious or not, Easter gives everyone a chance to celebrate with family and friends. What’s not to love?

Especially after a winter where the National Weather Service reported average temperatures of 30 degrees or lower across the states for about three months, anything that insinuates warmth is welcome. In the spirit of welcoming spring we dedicated our April cover and Culture section to the beautiful fashions of spring and the trends for Summer 2009.

Thanks to fashion connoisseurs like Sara Campbell, whose flowy and feminine dresses are perfect additions to any woman’s wardrobe, Nicole Deponte, with avant-garde statement cravats, Storey Hieronymus Hauck, owner of the eclectic Turtle Boston, and shoe additions from Missoni to Modern Vintage our photo shoot outfits were set.

The last detail that made the shoot a success was the setting. Bobby from Boston, a unique vintage store and a true jewel in the South End of Boston, provided the best background. There, we could mix the fresh styles that you will see everywhere these coming months with the richness and history of retro fashion.

So, what to look for as you prepare your own warm weather outfits? As you browse through our galleries notice one common aspect, color. Color, color, color. In the details of accessories, the shade of a clothing item or even the hue of a shoe. At every store from Nordstrom to H&M warm weather fashions include colorful additions.

Not only that, there is also a resurgence of tribal print and ethnic themes. Best seen, for example, in shoes like Jimmy Choo’s Cora Fringe Sandals. Granted, these are the extreme option and one of the most expensive, but the idea is the same. Target, Nine West and even Payless Shoes are including ethnic inspired styles that are easier on the wallet.‚  Swing by Old Navy or Banana Republic to find tops, skirts or dresses with this design as well. Statement bangles and earrings will complete the look, or look through your jewelry and find chunky, jewel infused, necklaces to add.

Aside from the tribal an ethnic prints, flowers and block prints are also making an appearance in different places. Whether you choose a shift, empire or belted dress to show off those legs, consider print accents for it with a cardigan, scarf or shawl. If flowers aren’t your thing metallic shades are all the rave too.

Try to find a large metallic bag that could become your everyday tote.‚  And for evenings, definitely look into clutches. The prints and colors in style are so bold; you don’t need an overhaul bag that makes a look cluttered. Structured bottoms, that look clean but have pockets, rolled up hems, zippers and buttons provide that “Bam!” needed for the office or the after party so you don’t have to rely only on dresses.

Also consider sheer fabrics and 80s inspired tops. Either option paired with boot cut, wide leg jeans or mid thigh length pants will look good. And, if you really want to follow the trends, get yourself a pantsuit. They are popping up everywhere in silk or cotton and work wonders with heels, add accessories and you have the summer “it” outfit.

We can try to wrap up with shoes, although this topic could easily make for another 600 word Op-Ed. What women should consider for the coming warm weather months is at least one pair of sky-high heels with a cool design. A bold pattern, a detailed heel or a mixture of fabrics will ensure that your shoes get noticed and that the outfit you wear them with is easy to assemble. Essentially the shoes will be the focal point. For the rest of summer days, flats are still popular.‚ 

Try to search for bargains, not because you have to get that one hot pair of heels for the season does it mean you need to spend $200 plus. A brand new website launched by Kim Kardashian is a good solution to getting great shoes every month at affordable prices. Nationwide shoe dealers like DSW and Off Broadway Shoes are starting summer their sales shortly after the Easter bunny visits.

And guys, please don’t feel left out. Blast reporter Kristin Lambert has taken the task of telling you how to look good for the warm weather months too. In general, everyone please go to your closets and see what you have that may fit into a trend mentioned. After seeing what you have, and getting those coats in storage, prepare to bargain hunt and find accent pieces that will refresh your wardrobe.

Who said looking fashionable had to continue being expensive? We are still in a recession so don’t be afraid to ask for the sale section in a store or invest in one great piece. Like the Boston Globe‚ reported, more and more shoppers are asking for discounts and getting them so join the revolution! Just remember to pray to the higher beings for the warmth to stay as log as possible.

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