If you own a copy of Halo 3 and have yet to venture the depths of online multiplayer because of a limited Silver Xbox Live membership, Microsoft is doling out the goods this weekend, offering up free play for all.

Halo 3, the chart-topping FPS from Bungie has remained at or near the top of Xbox Live activity since its release almost two years ago due in part to the studios’ continued effort to appease the masses via continued DLC support for the title.

The Mythic Map Pack, the latest offering from Bungie hit digital shelves last Thursday much to the elation of loyal fans everywhere.‚ ‚  Clearly Microsoft is hoping to garner more support and enthusiasm for the title via this pro bono weekend, or maybe their showing some heart, nah, all for profit.

So fire up your Xbox 360, pop in Halo 3, and jump into Matchmaking FREE this weekend only, ending April‚  13th at 9AM PST.

Via weekly Bungie Update

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