The long awaited Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack hit the Xbox Live Marketplace place today and is yours for 800 MS Points/$10.‚  ‚ ‚ Three new environments complemented by their differences round out the latest installment of DLC from famed development studio Bungie.

Until today, the “Team Mythic” playlist in matchmaking has been quite sparse with only tens of thousands of participants but that number is likely to absolutely skyrocket today as points are spent rampantly for this coveted piece of DLC.

A footnote from Bungie speaks to the current state and future of all things Mythic:

“When you see a hopper with Mythic appearing as “not required,” expect that to mean that Mythic will be required the following month. For Double EXP weekends, this means that the next time they are used; they will require the Mythic Map Pack.

Team Mythic isn’t going anywhere in April.‚  You’ll still be able to play all Mythic, all the time under its tweaked title, Mythic DLC, for the remainder of the month.‚  From May onward, we’ll be looking to integrate the Mythic maps into Matchmaking in a more permanent sense as noted above, with more and more Playlists soon requiring the Mythic Map Pack.”

Unsure about your purchase?‚  Read our hands-on preview of the Mythic Map Pack here.

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  1. weeeeeeeeeeee

    Ah yes.Required map packs have made Halo 3 a joke.I don’t do pay to play for a ame i already spent $70 on.Sorry MS and Bungie….you suck….better titles cost nothing that the price of the game…game over.


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