Nintendo ushered in a new era of portable gaming this past weekend with the highly anticipated release of the Nintendo DSi.‚  Before the clocks struck midnight however, Nintendo hosted a massive launch party in Los Angeles complete with music groups, television personalities, Nintendo executives and an overwhelmingly excited crowd of enthusiasts of every demographic.

Gamers who descended upon GameStop’s Universal CityWalk location in Los Angeles ‚ got their hands on interactive gaming stations, had their ears tickled by a live performance from Gym Class Heroes and counted down the seconds to midnight with Cammie Dunaway of Nintendo and Kevin Pereira of G4’s Attack‚  of the Show.

Finally, when the hands of the clock aligned at 12, the DSi officially went on sale.‚  The lines were long and giddy with excitement, but one man, Vince Jimenez, 21, of Los Angeles, California (pictured at right) snagged the very first system and held it above his head triumphantly.‚  Jimenez was not alone is his elation however; the multitude of fans huddled at the world’s largest video game retailer mirrored his joy and left with unbreakable smiles and unbridled enthusiasm.

Check out the gallery at right for more images from the launch event‚  and a video detailing the event here.

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