Skyscrapers are not very fit to ascend with any ease, unless your name is Alex Mercer, the shape-shifting prototype main character in the action oriented open world environments of New York City.‚  In the anticipated summer title, Prototype simply run at a building and Alex will, in Parkour style, scale the face of any mighty tower and brutally destroy any foe standing in his way.

Activision finally announced today the official release date for Prototype; destroying shelves this summer on June 9th in North America.

If you’ve lost your memory ala Alex Mercer, head on over to the newly updated Prototype official website for all the latest digs and the first half of the opening cinematic.

Prototype is currently awaiting ESRB classification but is expected to receive an M for mature rating and will hit Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC this on the 9th of June.

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