iPhone and iPod Touch enthusiasts seem to have two things in common:‚  free applications and the finger-tapping gaming goodness.

A report by ComScore, the global internet information provider indicates that 32% of iPhone/iPod Touch users have downloaded Tap Tap Revenge, the intuitive tapping music game from Tapulous.

The report indicates that of the 25 most popular Apps, 12 are games.‚  Touch Hockey: FS5 clocks in at number 3 (26%) and Pac-Man at the 5 spot representing 24% of the user base.

Of the 15 million total users, Tap Tap’s 32% install base equates to one out of every three owners representing roughly 5 million downloads.‚  So look to your left and to your right, if you haven’t downloaded Tap Tap, one of them has.

Tap Tap Revenge 2, the anticipated sequel, is currently available on the App Store complete with new tracks, trippy visuals, and new game modes.

Wonder how the full list of 25 most popular Apps plays out?‚  Check out the image in the gallery for full details.

via Gamesindustry.biz

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