Tough economy got you down?‚  Tired of seeing commercial after commercial on TV depicting more ways to spend money you don’t have?‚  If there is one universal truth in this world, it is the belief and admiration for all things free.

Electronic Arts announced today an economic stimulus package for its popular free to play game site,‚  EA is offering up 12,600 tokens to every man, woman and child with an account on the site.

The tokens are good for a crazed shopping spree at the Pogo Mini Mall for all sorts of wares including clothes, backgrounds, and much more to personalize your avatar with.

“In these tough economic times, we want to give players a place to escape and relax at home without breaking their budget,” said Michael Marchetti, General Manager. “ provides a great value by providing players a vehicle to play countless hours on games they love while connecting with friends and family — for free.”

Head on over to to register for free and take advantage of this digital opportunity before the promotion expires at the end of the month.

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