Peter Molyneux, boss at Lionhead announced the second batch of DLC for the studio’s award winning fantasy role playing game, Fable 2, at GDC last week, but today dropped significant details on the next piece of digital wares.

Officially titled “See The Future,” this next iteration of downloadable content will challenge the Hero in new ways while meeting new characters, creatures, and by attending events and collecting artifacts.

Remember Murgo, from the odd reminiscent childhood scene?‚  He’ll be venturing to BowerStone market equipped with brand new merchandise of all sorts, including the very, very mysteriously intriguing “canine breed transformation potion.”

In addition, two new quests, “The Ghost of the Snowglobe” and “The Cursed Knight” will extend and infuse prior game elements in new and very exciting ways.

Still not enough? “See The Future” will additionally contain sparkly new clothing, helmets, hairstyles, an undefined Hero expression, a Murgo the Trader statue, and the back-flip ability for your four-legged companion.

Finally, those who emerge victorious will be granted a mystical quest, one that “provides a vision of Albion’s future and what lies ahead for those born into the heroic bloodline,” which is literally translated, the first inklings of Fable 3, probably.

“See The Future” will hit Xbox Live sometime next month priced at 560 MS Points.

via Lionhead

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  1. guest86

    I need Fable II for PC very bad!! I can’t wait for Fable II come to PC!! I love Fable so much! I must buy this for PC! PC rules! When this game will release out for PC? I hope this game must support Windows XP and higher.

    Wow! This game add new dog come with Fable to any place to going. That cool things!


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