Ghostbusers: The Video Game continues to get me all giddy with every developer diary, every batch of screens, and recently, the inclusion of a certain Alyssa Milano into the voice work. With almost the entire cast writing and providing voice work for the project, the production values and authenticity will be unparalleled in the video game world.

The game will be readily available for every major console, and while it is understandable that a PS3/Xbox 360 platform choice might seem preferable, if you own the little white Wii, you might want to consider the following.

A recent developer diary entry to the IGN Ghostbusters blog written by Jeff Mills, Technical Design Director at Red Fly Studios, indicates how the Wii version of Ghostbusters was built from the ground up specifically to support split screen multiplayer co-op for two players.‚  Players will have the ability to start each level either on their own, or with a pal, one that will always have your back during game-play to keep the game moving at a “very brisk and exciting pace.”

However, the word co-op usually refers to team strategy and helpfulness, and while it is an important part to surviving many missions in Ghostbusters, Wii fans will be happy to know it is not everything and competition is just as important says Mills:

“There is a mechanism for tracking how much damage the player does to the environment. Challenge your friends: Who can finish the level doing the most damage? How about the least? With environments packed with destroyable objects, furniture and fine art, it’s tough to hit either end of the damage spectrum.”

Personally, the choice will be a very difficult one between the specifically social multiplayer aspects of the Wii version and the wonderfully rendered and gorgeously frightening ghosts found in the Xbox 360/PS3 versions.‚  No need to fret however, as the slated release date is not until June and I am confident more pressing issues and aspects of the game will filter out, thus facilitating my decision.

Until then, enjoy the developer blog entry over at IGN, and our hands on preview of the title, both are great reads and will fill that ghostbusting void of yours at least for a little while.

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