Great rivalries are remembered for all time.‚  Who could forget the Red Sox and Yankees, perpetually stuck in a battle not limited to the confines of the ballpark, or Federer and Nadal, two heavy weights in the world of professional tennis.‚  The world of video games has a dynamic duo as well featuring Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell in a clash for the highest score in the original arcade Donkey Kong.

Wiebe will be making his fifth try at the record this summer at E3, with the proceedings officially refereed by Twin Galaxies, the world record governing body, and will be televised by gaming channel G4 TV.

Wiebe’s original quest to have his score recognized was well chronicled in the documentary “A Fistful of Quarters” but has since been broken by; you guessed it, Billy Mitchell.

This won’t be the head to head matchup enthusiasts have been calling for, but nonetheless very exciting and just another reason to tune in and follow E3 this summer.

via IGN

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