Sony has been teasing a Tuesday March 31st announcement of some kind for quite a while now.‚  Rumors of a $100 PlayStation 3 price cut or the lowering of the PS2 price point to $99 were the main ideas, the former more hopeful and the latter the more realistic.

Sony finally made its announcement today via a post on the PlayStation official blog stating the nine year old PlayStation 2 console will receive a $30 price point drop, lowering the going rate to $99 starting tomorrow April 1st.

The PlayStation 2 debuted in the year 2000 and has since sold over 50 million units in North America and by year’s end will reach accommodate over 1,900 games, including 250+ Greatest Hits titles.

Assuming this announcement is not a horrific April Fool’s joke (tomorrow, when the new price hits retail) frugal media enthusiasts can pick up a truly admirable and history-laden console, now for less than a Benjamin.

via PlayStation blog.

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