Nintendo created the aptly named Wii-kly update some time ago and if you’ve gotten used to the clever adage, I’m sorry to say that today marks the conclusion of the moniker.

In correspondence with next Sunday’s release of the Nintendo DSi hardware and matching DSi Shop, where gamers will be able to download a growing wealth of titles, the Wii-kly update will morph into the Nintendo Download.

Don’t bury the name before its last hurrah however, as this week Super Punch Out!! on the Virtual Console and Bonsai Barber on WiiWare are readily available for download.

Super Punch Out!! (800 Wii Points) the SNES boxing classic returns this week and offers up the same fighting challenges, triumphant moments, and plentiful sweat you remember from days past.‚  With the revamped Punch Out!! launching on the Wii in mid May, this nostalgia filled memento will certainly hold any boxing fan over until then.

On WiiWare, Bonsai Barber (1,000 Wii Points) sings quite a different tune.‚  You play as the new barber in town and it is your duty to create the latest in foliage fashion.‚  An interesting set of characters with varying personalities as well as a number of tools including scissors, clippers, and spray-cans await you in this newly founded genre of the “first-person-groomer.”

Next Monday morning check back for the very first Nintendo Download update informing you of the week’s Nintendo DLC now spanning both the Wii Shop and DSi Shop services.

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