Video games today hardly feature the playable game exclusively; instead, additional attachments to the experience are popping up left and right promising bonus content not available in the game itself.

So it is not surprising that Electronic Arts and Starz Media’s Film Roman today announced that a feature-length animated film based on the epic Dante’s Inferno is currently in development and will ship alongside the game’s release later this year.

EA are taking a unique step in the development process as they are hiring multiple studios to work to create a dynamic and distinctive take on the various stages of hell in which Inferno is set.

Film Roman’s Joe Goyette (“Dead Space: Downfall”) is the producer on the project, Victor Cook (“The Spectacular Spider-Man,” “Hellboy Animated: Blood & Iron”) is directing and Brandon Auman (“Iron Man: Armored Adventures”) is writing.

“The animated feature will be a great companion piece to the game,” said Jonathan Knight, Executive Producer and Creative Director for Dante’s Inferno. “The feature will explore aspects of the poem that the game does not, and will provide more insight into the characters and the unique story adaptation that the game has established. It’s a very cool project, and we are having a blast collaborating with the talented team that Starz has assembled.”

Dead Space Downfall, a prequel to the ambitious video game was a hit in terms of worldwide sales and earned the fanboys’ respect, so great things can be expected of EA and Starz this time around with the larger-than-life Dante’s Inferno story to tell.

Head on over to the Dante’s Inferno official site for more details on the game.

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