Race fans fire up your engines and prepare to floor it all the way home as Rockstar Games today announced two DLC expansions for Midnight Club: Los Angeles that are currently up and available for download on Xbox 360.

In addition to the free South Central map expansion also launching today, the South Central Premium upgrade (800MS Points) offers up brand new cars, more vinyls, tons of upgradeable parts, fresh beats, hydraulics, and more.

Rockstar lauds our patience as various technical issues you may remember held back the release for quite some time.

The free map expansion increases the size of the city by one third adding four neighborhoods‚  and the paid DLC ‚ adds a total of 9 new vehicles, 26 races, 12 new battle maps, 10 new delivery missions, over 100 new red light races await you in the Premium upgrade.‚  What are you waiting for?

Start your download via the Xbox Live web marketplace here

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