Astronauts are heralded as pilots and journeymen of the final frontier, the elitists of the elite, the cream of the crop, and with such great responsibility and duty comes galactic gaming?

That’s right, even astronauts living in the shuttle Discovery currently in orbit around the Earth get their game on from time to time.

President Obama and some Washington D.C. area school children took part in a video conference with the crew of the shuttle Discovery today and surprisingly the first question asked was “Can you play video games in space?

The answer from the interstellar traveler:

“We can, in fact. And in fact a few years ago when I‚ was up here for six months I‚ had a video game that I used to play in my spare time. Unfortunately, we don’t have much spare time.

So we can, we have a lot of laptop computers. But for the most part we stay real busy doing real work.”

Given the scarce free time it is fascinating to learn that video games are the medium of choice for these space explorers

The only question is, what games do they play?‚  Space invaders?

via GamePolitics.

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