Homophobic remarks over Xbox Live are everywhere; it seems you can’t land a headshot in Halo without being called a “raging homo” or any number of far more degrading and hurtful names.

However, it now seems as if Microsoft Games Studios not only creates the setting for these remarks, but also perpetrates them in person as well.

British newspaper “Telegraph” reports that a veteran graphics designer, Jamie Durrant, employed by the Xbox side of Microsoft’s house has sued the company for ‚£45,000 claiming harassment for an extended period by coworkers who indulged in name calling and nasty notes.

Durrant worked for Lionhead for over ten years in such time was actively involved in production of major titles Fable, Black and White, and The Movies.

Durrant told the newspaper:

“I have never hidden my sexuality from the office and I felt this could be targeted at myself. This was not the first time there was homophobic content in the office. Previously, I had tried to deal with it myself. This time, I did not feel that I could.

I was very surprised that Microsoft did not have any policies relating to this sexual orientation harassment… I feel like they’re making out that I’m the one with the problem and not the homophobic aspects of the company.”

The Human Rights Campaign foundation in 2008 granted Microsoft a perfect score for their treatment of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees, consumers and investors, so it will be interesting to learn specific details from the forthcoming suit from Durrant.

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