Incognito Entertainment is no more.‚  Oh no! No more Warhawk or Twisted Metal you say.‚  Well that is not true either. ‚ Like the mystical phoenix, from the ashes of the dead rises a new and exciting development studio, LightBox Interactive.

Dylan Jobe, president of the newly formed LightBox Interactive, Inc. is proud of the time spent developing for Sony systems and aims to continue past successes by today signing an exclusive deal with Sony Computer Entertainment spanning multiple years and titles.

Sony has been quite appreciative of Incognito’s work given the dynamic successes of Twisted Metal and Warhawk and aims to keep the studio churning out titles exclusive to the PlayStation brand.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Dylan and his team in their new endeavor at LightBox Interactive,” said John Hight, director of internal development, SCEA. ‚ “Through pioneering many online and community features on PlayStation Network with the multiplayer game Warhawk, this team is established as leaders in the online category. ‚ I look forward to seeing what kind of further innovations they bring to the PlayStation platforms through this new development deal.”

Personally, I loved the name Incognito, but LightBox is intriguing as well.

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