The wait is almost over.‚  Halo-heads everywhere have been kicking, screaming, and fragging all over the internets regarding the highly coveted Mythic Map Pack, a three piece and highly varied installment of DLC for the Xbox Live king, Halo 3.

Friday night, as is customary, Bungie clued the fan-base in on all things Bungie in the weekly update, and this week’s wordy installment seemed to lack any substantive matter until the very, very end.

Bungie left us with an ominous “PS 04/09/09” remark leading to crazy speculation of what the date meant.‚  Halo 3:ODST released in just a few weeks? An announcement regarding ODST? The apocalypse?

Bungie has kept mum about the April date, but Microsoft broke the silence in a press release today dating the Mythic DLC for the aforementioned date as well as the Gears of War map pack due out March 31st.

There you have it.‚  In a few short weeks, on a Thursday, the Mythic Map Pack will release featuring Orbital, Assembly, and the forge-happy Sandbox maps for 800 MS Points on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

However, if somehow you can wait until “Fall 2009,” when Halo 3: ODST hits retail, at a reduced price point and containing each and every selection of DLC as well as a non-Master Chief story, well you’ll certainly be a smart shopper, but wont the suspense kill you?

Check out our hands-on review of the Mythic Map Pack and get a glimpse of Bungie’s latest offering.

Source: Kotaku

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