Nintendo released two Virtual Console titles and one WiiWare game on the Wii Shop Channel this morning revisiting the explosive TurboGraphx days as well as a brand new puzzle game offering by Hudson Entertainment.

Pop’Em Drop’Em SAMEGAME (WiiWare.‚  500 Wii Points) is a uniquely illustrated and designed puzzle-matching game in which you must match blocks to clear them and rack up points.‚  On the multiplayer side of things, players can compete in Fame Game, similar to the single player experience, Shame Game, a gametype aiming for the lowest possible score, and Blame Game, a frenzied free for all experience played on one communal grid.

On the retro side of this week’s offering, DETANA TWIN BEE, (VC. 700 Wii Points) the vertical-scrolling shooter with a corny yet comical narrative is everything you remembered, or maybe not, with both single player, controlling Twinbee, or cooperatively with Winbee.‚  A slew of weaponry and attacks await you in this cute and very addictive shooter experience.

Finally, and excuse me as I let out a sonorous helllllll yes, Bomberman 94 (VC. 700 Wii Points) returns to playability today, and as an avid fan of the entire series, I cannot wait to guide the Bomberman family around the evilly corrupted planet, vanquish my enemies, ride the Rooi, and restore order to the locals.

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