Ghostbusters fans hotly anticipating the long awaited and soon to be video game now have more sizzle and intrigue lying ahead for them.

Atari announced today that Alyssa Milano, remember her in Charmed and Who’s the Boss, will join the cast in Ghostbusters: The video game alongside a host of funny men ridding the world of spooky ghosts.

Milano plays Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn, an archaeologist and curator of the ‘World of Gozer’ exhibit in the Museum of Natural history who enlists the Ghostbusters’ help when‚ ‚  a cataclysmic force is unleashed and summons an ancient enemy back to New York City.

However, Dr. Peter Venkman, voiced by Bill Murray has one objective in mind, and Ilyssa finds herself constantly warding off the Dr.’s advances.‚  Almost the classic damsel in distress story.‚  Almost.

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