I am a frugal gamer, I like new shiny things, but in my life money comes and goes, but mostly goes.‚  So every chance I get to stretch my gaming dollar or even score freebies, I am absolutely all over it.‚  With new titles selling at retail for $40-$60, staying in the loop and up to date is damn near impossible without the funds to back it up.

Enter Mooch.com, an advanced gamer-to-gamer trading site that offers a very alluring alternative to trade-in values at major retailers.

The way Mooch works is fairly simple.

  1. Enter the games you have, and the games you want.
  2. Mooch assigns point values for each game based on quality, age, supply and demand.
  3. Mooch creates even trades using the point value of each game
  4. Make trade offers to other games and receive offers from them
  5. Accept any trade you like, send your game and receive another in the mail.

Mooch is in beta at the moment and is offering a limited number of free accounts during the period, and when the beta expires a $19.99 annual fee will be incurred on all accounts.

If you’re willing to part with your games, Mooch is a sexy opportunity, but as for me, I only buy games I promise to love and take care of in sickness in health, till death do us part, so thank you, but no thank you.

Head on over to Mooch.com for all the details.

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Eddie Makuch is a Blast staff writer. Reach him at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @EddieMakuch.

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  1. Adam

    being a long time member of bookmooch I can’t believe I didn’t think of a version for games first! damn


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