Midnight Club: Los Angeles is all about lookin’ fly in your pimped out ride with the windows down, music cranked, and ego inflated and protruding through every pore of skin on your body.

So in order to celebrate the launch of MCLA’s first cross platform DLC release, Rockstar Games announced today a live Game with Fame event featuring the most influential DJ on the West Coast, Felli Fel, and a slew of others special celebrity and musically inclined guests.

The event will mark the beginning of the 2009 DUB Show Tour, a nationwide car show and concert series hitting 12 major cities in the US throughout the spring and summer.‚  The affair is being physically held in Los Angeles, but as is customary with Game with Fame events, you can partake in the festivities from the comfy, folds of your living room couch.

The Game with Fame event will take place exclusively on Xbox Live this Sunday from 1-5 PM PST, so add the following gamertags to your friends list and see what happens!


The Midnight Club: Los Angeles South Central DLC is currently available on the PlayStation Network, however due to an “unforeseen bug” in the title update, has not found its way to the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Rockstar dropped us lines this morning letting us know that they are hard at work resolving the issue and getting the DLC up and running for Xbox 360 owners.

Hit up the Midnight Club website for more information on the DLC.

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  1. sarcastic

    Probably not, Rockstar has already shown how much priority this DLC was for the 360. What were they doing for the extra week they had? Why is it they find this stuff out at the last second? They knew they had problems from the time the DLC got leaked out in January.


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