Aaron Greenberg, Xbox 360 product management director, in reaction to the February NPD sales figures recently commented on the successes of Xbox Live, the number of quality titles available on the system, and how the PlayStation 3 is “hemorrhaging at retail.”‚  Ouch.

Greenberg, in an interview with GamaSutra points out that “We have over 130 titles rated over 80 on Metacritic; no other platform even has 100 at that level, as well as a per-system average software attach rate of 8.2, along with exclusive online content.”

Exclusive online content you say?‚  Greenberg went on to reveal that the exclusive Lost and Damned expansion to Grand Theft Auto 4 was “the most successful game add-on content we’ve ever launched.”

Greenberg claims that if the Lost and Damned were sold at retail it “would have outsold Killzone 2,” and while he did not spit out specific sales figures regarding digital purchases, we know that Killzone 2 sold 323,000 units in February meaning the GTA expansion sold even more.

Greenberg not only praised his company’s efforts, he trashed-talked the competition, namely Sony when he describes their business model as “hemorrhaging” with PS2 owners upgrading to the value-minded Xbox 360 instead of the bank-buster PS3.

“You can’t underestimate that we’re half the price of the PS3 at a time when consumers were looking for great value,” he said. “The PS3 was down in February two percent even with the launch of Killzone 2 — that’s months of year-over-year declines. Xbox continues to head north while the PS3 is heading south. We’re gaining share.”

With both industry analysts and would-be PS3 owners calling for a price cut, will Sony finally give in, or weather the storm hoping for the best?

Read the full interview over at GamaSutra

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  1. dave

    killzone 2 sold 323,000 units in february…. but it was released on feb 27th – so it sold that in just 2 days!! using februarys figures is a bit crafty on microsofts par. wait until marchs figures for a more direct comparision.

    read a more balanced take on things here


  2. daniel

    The typical yapping from Microsoft executives, do you remember when Ballmer laughed at the Iphone? Don’t get me wrong, the 360 is a good system despite it’s high failure rate, but let’s be fair. The Lost & The Damned would not outsell KZ2 at retail. It sold because it’s DLC, the graphics are dated, the story is good, but it’s only a few extra hours of gameplay, not a full game.

  3. Superdynamite

    The XBox Elite is $399.99 and is the closest to the PS3 because of it’s features but still falls short.

    The XBox Arcade is $199.99 and is not even close to the PS3. No 1080p, no Hard Drive. Without a Hard Drive you can’t play 95% of the games on the market.
    I don’t understand Mr. Greenberg’s thought process on this. Is he comparing XBox Arcade to PS3?

    Another great analysis from an Ivy League drone. A group responsible for today’s economy because of their faulty formulas.

  4. Carla

    Killzone 2 didnt help.

    Overhype wont save the {PS3).

    Killzone 2 was boring and uneventful with no COOP and another online DEATHMATCH game.

    KIllzone 2 Campaign is no MGS4 and the Online is no WARHAWK.

  5. Ray

    Aaron Greeburg is a toad. Im so sick of this lard trash talking. Sony is doing fine. The 360 has been on the market for a whole year longer and has only managed to put a bout 28mil units is peoples homes(many of them rebuys due to shitty hardware)since Nov 2005. Sony has done 22million since Nov 2006. You will eat your words Toad Greenburg.

  6. johnson

    No 1080p? Hmmm…. My xbox arcade has no problem outputing 1080p. better check you research a little better superdynamite! All of the xbox systems are exactly the same with just a few add ons missing! meaning every system has the same thing inside (maybe different motherboards aside) but thats it, you can put a 120 hdd on an arcade and violla! you now have an elite minus the flat black finish! ps3 on the other hand are the ones thatg cant decide on what sku to build. 20, 40, 60, 80, and now 160g hdd`s? and they even stripped out the backwards compatibility on most? xbox 360 is now the best system to have and have lots of fun with, and no one will ever match live, not even the mighty sony!

  7. Assman5000

    PS3 is a complete failure. I don’t know how Sony managed to mess things up this bad!! Coming from the PS2 success Sony should be mopping the floor with the Wii and especially the xbox! Instead its the other way around, what a joke of a company, enjoy that 2 billion dollar lose, choke on it, while you screw over your employees!!!


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