Real time strategy fans with a PlayStation 3 finally have reason to be excited. ‚ The latest Command and Conquer title, Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition, hits retail next week, and if you just cannot wait, the demo is available on the PlayStation network right now!

The demo introduces players to the fast and action-packed game-play the famed series is so well known for as well as the Command Stick 2.0, EA’s way of bridging the gap between the advanced keyboard and mouse PC interface to the simplistic Sixaxis controller.

Furthermore, the demo includes two campaign missions:

Krasna-45: Circus of Treachery – The second mission of the Soviet campaign, players will immediately be introduced to battling the series’ newest faction, the Empire of the Rising Sun, escorting the Soviet commando Natasha to a launch facility, and protecting her from the Imperial ambush division waiting to attack.

Heidelberg: The Famous Liberation – Players will then switch their attention over to the Allied cause, in the third mission of the Allied campaign, teaming up with an in-game Co-Commander to take out the Soviet’s powerful Iron Curtain and headquarters in Germany.

The full version hits retail March 24th fully upgraded for Sony’s power machine with five new multiplayer maps, behind the scenes videos and trailers, the official Red Alert 3 soundtrack and much more.

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