The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester New York today opened the National Center for the History of Electronic Games, dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of video games and video game-related materials.

The museum calls itself “the only museum anywhere devoted solely to the study and interpretation of play,” and aims to expand to new heights with its new video game component.

The Center’s 15,000 piece collection includes items from the full spectrum of electronic games, namely ‚ computer games, console games, arcade games, handheld games, and toys that combine digital and traditional play.‚  In addition, the Center houses over 10,000 games and every system from the Magnavox Odyssey to the PlayStation 3.

Furthermore the Center contains advertising documents, video game packaging, historical records, personal and business papers and much more illustrating the impact of electronic games on the American lifestyle.

“Electronic games are not only changing the way we play; they are having a profound effect on the way we learn and the way we interact with each other,” said Strong National Museum of Play CEO G. Rollie Adams. “Because Strong National Museum of Play is dedicated to exploring the role of play in American life, we are especially interested in the growing impact that electronic games have on it.”

This news is truly exciting, as video games are finally receiving the respect and acknowledgment that is necessary to create such an establishment.

Gamers have a new Mecca to journey to, Rochester New York.

Head on over to the Center for the History of Electronic Games website for more details.

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