What is a 15 hour session of World of Warcraft without a sugar filled, cavity inducing, and caffeine loaded soft drink?‚  My days of WoW have come and gone, but I can easily recall the many late nights fueled by my lust for Alliance blood and that sweet, sweet nectar of life, Mountain Dew.

Blizzard announced today that this summer, you’ll be able to see World of Warcraft characters in a new place — the beverage aisle.

The Mountain Dew Game Fuel will launch in two World of Warcraft inspired flavors, Alliance Blue (wild fruit) and Horde Red (citrus cherry).

I can picture the scene at Store 24, I reach down for the Horde flavor and I am met by a member of the filthy Alliance and in that moment PvP has created an entirely new meaning.

This marketing scheme also begs some very interesting questions; does my in-game loyalty bind me to a particular flavor?‚  Will I be hated based on the drink I hold?‚  Will World of Warcraft guilds and raids bleed into the real world?

Blizzard promises more details soon.

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