Electronic Arts today announced an additional, post-releas multiplayer mode for The Godfather 2, available for download when the title releases April 7th in North America.

The downloadable patch, as EA calls it, brings “Don Control” to the fray meshing well with the “Think Like a Don” strategic gameplay that is prevalent in single player.

Don Control allows players to build a family, command them in battle and view the action from a bird’s eye view above.

Here’s where it gets really fascinating.‚  In Don Control players can now challenge one another in 16-player battles for their in-game moolah from the single-player game. As a Don online, players can recruit others to join their family by giving them a cut of the profits. But if a player loses as Don, the in-game currency they wagered will be removed in their single-player campaign and their empire can come crumbling down.

Mobsters, they’re the last ones we need angry and out of business, so please do take special care of your greasy haired Italians.

The Godfather 2 from Electronic Arts and Paramount Digital Entertainment is rated M and will be available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC April 7th.

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