The economic turmoil in this country is the sad, sad result of improper and often fraudulent banking tactics.‚  Many have lost their jobs, major businesses have been dissolved, and most horribly, the newspaper businesses, whose duty is editorial integrity, are evaporating left and right.

How does this relate to video games you ask?‚  Apart from the many closings and downsizings in industry studios and offices, Xbox Live users today can relive the heated, verbal jousting match between iconic funny man Jon Stewart, and money analyst and host of CNBC’s Mad Money, Jim Cramer.

Last Thursday, Cramer and Stewart clanked skulls on Stewart’s The Daily Show, on cable television, with the myriad of f bombs bleeped out.‚  Thought you were denied the integrity and emphasis of the interview sans profanity?‚  Well, as always, Xbox Live is here to save all!

The entire, swear ridden, unedited Cramer vs. Stewart interview is available on the Xbox Live Video Marketplace today with the added bonus of costing not a pretty penny for Gold members.

However, due to the way the episode works in the system, it can’t be queued up for download via the online Marketplace.‚  As Major Nelson says, you have to grab it “Old school style” from the dashboard user interface.

Stewart makes some very valid points in the one sided interview, but Cramer gives his fill and seems somewhat remorseful, you be the judge.

via Major Nelson

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