Mythic Entertainment announced today that the Dwarf Slayer and Orc Choppa careers are now available and playable in their ambitious, realm vs. realm oriented MMORPG, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

As part of the ongoing Call to Arms in-game content expansion, spanning four months and culminating in June with the release of brand new realm vs. realm gated dungeon, the two new careers available today aim to keep content fresh and occupy the gamer until the next batch of in-game materials are made available.

Thinking about playing a Choppa or Dwarf Slayer?‚  The character descriptions for both are quite interesting.

Orc Choppa:

“Their endless love of battle drives Choppas into a nearly euphoric state, especially when they come across an enemy who presents a real challenge and their battle rage becomes stronger and stronger with each vicious strike.”

“While the Choppa is single-minded, they’re also clever in their brutality, and they have found that they can channel their battle rage into massive, exhausting attacks, briefly sacrificing their enraged power in an attempt to fell the enemy with a single powerful blow.”

Whereas the honorable Dwarf Slayer is described as such:

“Every moment of a Slayer’s life is filled with the rage of their dishonor and loss. As they battle an enemy, they become more enraged with every passing moment, furious and saddened that this foe is not strong enough to bring them death’s atonement. This rage fills them with deadly fury, making them more and more dangerous as it builds up. Eventually, their rage will begin to push their body past its limits, putting their own health and safely into dire straits.”

WAR, to me is a breath of fresh air into the MMO genre, and at least worth a try if the‚  general monotony of World of Warcraft has got you down.‚  Just last week Mythic began offering a 10-day free trial, and while limited, still effective for gauging an interest of disinterest in the title.

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