LittleBigPlanet, an original IP from Media Molecule, is a unique title with simple yet ultimately very deep gameplay components.‚  Emphasis is placed on user-creation and involvement and is the true essence of LBP.‚  The cute and cuddly Sackboys are a wondrous element to the games mechanics in that their childish nature and pure innocence mirrors early 2-d side scrolling games we know and love.

Given the hit success of LBP and it’s soon to be PlayStation Portable version, it comes as no surprise that a full blown PS3 LittleBigPlanet sequel is in the works.‚  Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans can’t say much but he does so eloquently describe it as “really fucking cool.”

Evans, in an interview with GamaSutra describes the success of LBP and where the sequel may venture to.

“It’s a quite interesting thing because it was like a magnet. Everyone sort of [joined in] on that thing, then I suddenly saw these people kind of going, ‘Oh my god, far from being tired of LBP, I suddenly see this untapped potential,'” he says.

“And in ways that hopefully will still be fresh so when it comes back, people won’t be like, ‘Yeah, they just exploited that thing, and it’s really fucking obvious that they would do that.’ I think LBP is in their future, and hopefully in surprising ways.”

LittleBigPlanet was a hallmark of creativity and imagination and I believe it is a sure thing to assume LBP2 will be everything the original contained times like a freakin’ million.

As far as non-LBP projects are concerned, Media Molecule’s Evans had this to say:

“We started the company and we called it ‘creative gaming’ rather than [that]… As I said in the talk, there’s a very broad church. We can actually pick a different bit of the spectrum.”

“So, it doesn’t have to be LBP-style creativity. It could be musical, or it could be God knows what. I think there’s definitely a fixation at Media Molecule around the idea of engaging players creatively.”

Full interview can be read over at GamaSutra.

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