Tennis can be a truly frustrating sport.‚  Smacking that little yellow ball around demands incredible hand eye coordination, power, patience, and sometimes dumb luck.‚  No one knows this better than legendary hot headed professional tennis icon John McEnroe.‚  With 77 total career singles titles, including seven Grand Slams and three Wimbledon championships, McEnroe epitomized greatness in the game.‚  However, many outside the realm of tennis are familiar with Mr. McEnroe for one reason alone.

“You cannot be serious!” was a phrase McEnroe exclaimed amidst frustration on the court and has since been the center of numerous parodies on television and elsewhere.

Electronic Arts enthusiastically announced today McEnroe’s inclusion in the Wii-specific Grand Slam Tennis title, due out this summer.

“Having a champion like John McEnroe exclusive to EA SPORTS Grand Slam Tennis reflects our commitment to deliver an authentic, entertaining, and deep representation of the sport like never before,” said Dave McCarthy, Vice-President, EA SPORTS. “McEnroe’s success, charisma and passion for tennis easily make him one of the most recognizable and colorful personalities, not just in tennis, but all sports.”

Grand Slam Tennis follows suit of other EA Sports titles featuring Wii MotionPlus support, in this case to replicate the aggressive and tenacious arsenal of tennis shots integral to the game.

EA was scant on details regarding the full roster of the sports greats incorporated into the game, only remarking McEnroe as the “headline” participant.‚  Personally, I’d love to see Becker, Navratilova, Ashe, Sampras, and Agassi, just to name a few.

Either way, as a huge tennis fan and proud Wii owner I am extremely excited about Grand Slam Tennis, especially considering the MotionPlus support.

Images of McEnroe in the gallery.

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