As April approaches, bringing Bobby Long and Sam Bradley to US shores, more details have been finalized concerning their tour. Not only will Bobby Long be in the States this Easter, but he will also be touring the country later in the summer after appearing as a musical guest alongside Marcus Foster at the eagerly anticipated Twicon “Twilight” convention, in Dallas.

Blast Magazine will have the chance to speak with Long again this April, so if you have any burning questions, go ahead and submit them below. In the mean time, Bobby’s manager, Phil Taylor, passed this message along:

“Bobby has several US labels looking at him right now. It would be a huge help if any one who is not already a “friend” of Bobby’s on MySpace would send him a request as soon as possible so that the numbers go up. As ever
you can stop in and say hello at

Bobby is in the process of making a DVD which will include the video for “Left To Lie” interviews and several other tracks recorded live in Soho, London.

The single “Left to Lie” will be available on iTunes in the next two or three weeks.”

Here is the completed list of dates:

April 13: Lakeside Lounge NY.
April 14: Arlenes Grocery NY 21+
April 16: Hotel Cafe LA 21+
April 22 and 23: Lindsey Bar Nashville 21+
April 23 and 23: Lindsey Bar Nashville 21+ (EXTRA SHOW)

July, August and September Gigs Proposed and Booked:

July 29: Twicon Film Event Dallas BOOKED
August 1: Twicon Film Event Dallas BOOKED
August 2: Austin Room 710 BOOKED
August 3: Phoenix
August 4: Phoenix
August 5: LA
August 6: LA
August 9: Portland
August 10: Seattle
August 12: Hi- Dive Denver BOOKED
August 13: The Loft, Colorado Springs BOOKED
August 15: Memphis
August 16: Nashville
August 17: Nashville
August 18: Atlanta
August 19: Tampa
August 20: Miami
August 27: Detroit
August 28: Chicago
August 29: Washington
August 30: Boston
September 3: New York
September 4: New York
September 5: New York

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  1. KSinMaine

    Bobby’s the real deal. He’s got it all. I was hoping to find His version of “let Me Sign”. He and Marcus wrote more lyrics then what was recorded for the Twilight Movie. i like Rob but it seems like Bobby is really the soul behind this song. I would love to hear him perform it. I can not find a performance by him, of this song, anywhere. Why is that? After hearing him on myspace can anyone deny that this song should be performed by him…and would most probably be the best version out there.

  2. Rachel

    I see several dates in Nashville. Will Bobby have the chance to write with some of the fantastic songwriters here? It’s an amazing town with an amazing musical vibe, so I hope he really gets a chance to work with some of the people here. It’s NOT just a “country” music town. I’d love to see him do a round at the Bluebird Cafe, but 3rd and Lindsley is just as cool.


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