The various forms of electronic media lend themselves perfectly to pirating opportunities and while various companies have differing stances regarding piracy, a good ole raid is celebrated by all.

The Entertainment Software association today is lauding the efforts of Mexican law enforcement for its involvement in a recent Mexico City raid that netted over 60,000 pirated games, as well as equipment and packaging for selling illegal copies.

The raid took place in the Tepito area of the city, a popular shopping district also a known center for black market activity.‚  Enforcement officials raided 37 apartments and warehouses and seized 38,000 pirated games, 784 CD/DVD burners, and over 1 million pieces of packaging material used in the manufacturing process.

According to the ESA, the recent Mexico City raids represent the largest strike against software piracy in the city to date.

“Piracy hurts artists and entrepreneurs, paralyzes the development of a local game industry, and stymies our industry’s contributions to economies,” says ESA president and CEO Michael Gallagher.

“We commend law enforcement officials for their actions in this raid and are fully committed to supporting authorities in Mexico and around the world in their efforts to combat entertainment software piracy.”

No mention was made of any of the specific pirated titles, but if Halo 3: ODST was one of them; well I’d like to know where the ESA is keeping the stockpile.

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