You’d have a lot of be fired up about if you were Hayley Marie Norman this year. An up-and-coming actress, Norman has and will continue to show her diversity and talent as an actress in 2009, including roles in the TV series “Crash,” an upcoming film “Nephilim,” and “Fired Up,” which is in theatres now.

“Fired Up,” released on February 20th, is a teen comedy about two high school jocks who decide to ditch football camp to join the girls at cheer camp, is Hayley Marie Norman’s first major film, and might have been as fun to film to make as it was to watch.

“Filming was so fun because before we started, we got to go to cheer camp for a month,” Norman said on preparing for the film.

Although she didn’t have any previous experience with cheering, Norman found the situation a little ironic: “It’s so amazing how things have come full circle – I had to choose between cheer camp and acting and I always felt bad about having to choose.”

Just as brutal as any cheer camp could be, the actors had to begin doing stunts on the very first day; nevertheless, joined by professional dancers and cheerleaders, the cast somehow came out of camp (and filming) unscathed.

“We all did come out with tons of bruises,” she said, “but how did nobody get seriously hurt?”

Despite Hayley’s obvious sense of humor, she can hang with the best when it comes to drama. Proving herself in a recurring role on the TV series “Crash,” a spin-off of the Oscar-winning film, Hayley will have a chance to show her talent in a second season.

As far as what can be expected for the upcoming season, Hayley only said, “you never really know what’s going to happen, but my character is definitely a bad girl.”

In Hayley’s next project, an action flick titled “Nephilim,” she will portray an angel.

“What it really boils down to is good versus evil,” Norman said. “All of the biblical stories you hear about are personified by these characters in the movie.”

Hayley also has her eye on a future book to movie adaptation: “The Garden of Last Days,” set to release in 2011. “I’m going to start lobbying for it now,” she laughed.

With her recent successful and upcoming projects, Hayley Marie Norman is definitely seeing opportunities open up to her, and will most likely continue to do so in the future. She’s in love with the art, and will cause audiences to fall in love with her as a result.

“I honestly feel really blessed to be in the position I’m in. I love working, I love making movies, I love becoming a family with the different casts and crews you work with – it’s so fun for me,” Norman said. “It’s really my life right now, it’s sort of my business, and besides that I’m really down to earth girl.”

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