Next Tuesday is Saint Patrick’s Day, it is also a Tuesday, and a day when video games are commonly released for the general public’s consumption, but this Tuesday it is something more, or at least the folks at Rockstar want you to think so.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars in a word looks amazing.‚  I was lucky enough to get my hands on what was dubbed “not a final build” at Comic Con in early February and the sheer magnitude of the city, the excellent use of both screens, the attention to detail, and the hype surrounding what I could not yet play really had me excited.‚  Marc however, got the royal treatment from Rockstar and his full written hands-on review can be read here.

Rockstar loves marketing and promotion of their titles (looks up at various GTA posters covering walls) so it is no surprise that their first work on a Nintendo platform is receiving the royal treatment.

On the evening of March 16th at the Nintendo World Store in New York City Rockstar are holding a launch event complete with plentiful giveaways and the beats of DJ and composer Ohno, who is featured in the title, providing the background tunes to get your launch party freak on to.

Rockstar are promising “exclusive, limited edition surprises and finery,” as well as special edition GTA Kubrick sets, fresh Grand Theft Auto apparel, and limited edition customized Chinatown Wars DS Lite systems.

If you’re in the NYC area next Monday night and are older than 17 stop on by and maybe you’ll get lucky. ‚ ‚ The Nintendo World Store is a sight to been seen and really, experienced.

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