I know a lot about a little and a little about a lot and have loved trivia games since I can first remember.‚  A birthday present ‚ years back “The book of useless information” fueled my love of random trivia and today I can name anything from a background character in a sitcom or the homerun leader in 1996 (Mark McGwire, 52, with the Oakland A’s).

Electronic Arts announced today that Trivial Pursuit, the epitome of all things trivia, and one of America’s favorite board games has gone digital and is available on every major console.

New categories, questions and modes of play complete with dynamic visuals and social interactivity round out this new version of the 25 year old board game.

Trivial Pursuit features three methods of play, “Classic,” which is straightforward Pursuit as you so well remember it, “Clear the Board,” a single player experience racing against the clock for the highest score, and most intriguingly “Facts and Friends,” a socially overwhelming multiplayer game mode where scoring is based on team responses and the ability to guess the opposing teams answers.

Furthermore, statistics ranging from the number of games won to the percentage of questions answered correctly can be accessed and analyzed (no one wants to team up with Joey, his winning percentage is .350) And to keep game-play moving along and interesting, a real-time ticker will scroll on the bottom of the TV, keeping players actively aware of how they stack up with opponents.

The grimy, dusty old board game looks to have received a total facelift and will bring the family together around the TV rather than the table, tables are for eating anyway.

“The TRIVIAL PURSUIT brand is celebrating 25 years of testing the knowledge of multiple generations based on the millions of families who have played the game over the years,” said Mark Blecher, General Manager of Digital Media and Gaming at Hasbro. “EA’s re-imagination of the time-honored classic for the digital consumer is nothing less than over-the-top fun that’s expected to be a big hit with scores of long-time as well as new TRIVIAL PURSUIT fans.”

Trivial Pursuit is the latest in EA/Hasbro collaborations, with the action figure turned action game G.I. Joe releasing later this year.‚  What will Hasbro hand over to EA next? Personally I’d love to play a first person shooter Mr.‚  Potato head title, where all hell is exacted on french fry lovers, but that may never happen.

Trivial Pursuit is currently available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii for 40$ and 30$ gets you the PlayStation 2 version.

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