The Sims 3 is set to release in June and if you are exploding with enthusiasm from the awesomely awesome debut trailer and crave something new to dwell on about for the next three months we’ve got you covered with brand new screenshots detailing a brand new Lifetime Wish facet of gameplay to satiate that thirst of yours.

A Sims Lifetime Wish can take many forms given the personality traits assigned to them, and as these set of screens illustrate, that wish can range from the musically talented to the overly extravagant.

As always, your Sim is not just another nameless face in the crowd; its fate is determined by guiding and readying it for the ultimate Lifetime Wish, including Astronaut, Music composer, International Super Spy, Super Robot Cross Breeder, and Superstar Athlete.‚ ‚  Furthermore, completing a Lifetime Wish and amassing enough Lifetime Happiness will endow the Sim with a new set of opportunities.

Electronic Arts clarifies the idea with the following statement.

Lifetime Wishes are long-term goals for players to focus their Sims towards if they prefer a little more direction. Your Sims are able to choose a Lifetime Wish based on their traits. Completing a Lifetime Wish may require your Sims to master certain skills, reach the top of a career, become a local celebrity, or perhaps even a heartbreaker. By completing a Lifetime Wish, your Sims will earn enough Lifetime Happiness points to choose from a variety of whacky Sims objects and powerful traits like Steel Bladder, Legendary Host or the Teleportation Pad.

I have somehow avoided the Sims plague (meant in a good way) but I may not escape the flood with this iteration.‚  New combinations of personality traits, new environments to interact with and explore, total customization of everything, and various new gameplay elements all add up to a experience that even has me excited.

I can already picture my Sim, a clumsy, romantically stupid, black haired male perpetually dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt.‚  Oh and if he can love bacon pizza, I want that too!

5 new screens detailing the Lifetime Wishes in the gallery.

Much more information regarding all things Sims at the official site.

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