Soundtracks in video games have always been important.‚  The right melody here, a great special effect there, it all adds up to an immersive experience when executed correctly.‚  If you’re like me and still can’t get the various Super Mario 64 themes out of your head (not that I want to), you know just what I’m talking about.‚  Game soundtracks are true forms of art, without them, tension; anxiety, fear, and every other emotion are deprived from the gamer.

One game that most certainly perfected the soundtrack formula is Big Bang Mini, a unique title in which the player launches fireworks at a number of enemies to provide a sort of shooter experience on the popular DS handheld.

The main screen treats the player to smooth, melodious and upbeat rhythms, starkly contrasting the later epic boss battles where the feeling of tension, excitement, and fear protrude through the speakers.

French electronic group Yubba, Smith, and Fortune created the pleasing soundtrack and due in part to fans crying out for it, Southpeak and Arkedo Studio are offering the 24 song soundtrack for all to download free of charge.

Head on over to the stylistically wonderful, and over the top colorful Big Bang Mini website and start your download, it’s the icon floating around so innocently.

I’ve been slowly creating a “video game soundtrack” collection on my iPod and these 24 tracks will fit in splendidly.

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