Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, the ambitious MMO from Mythic Entertainment, based on the popular tabletop war game, in an apparent attempt to draw gamers to the title for its “Call to Arms” expansion, has launched a 10-day free trial that promises the “glory of war.”‚  Ten exciting days made up of hunting Squigs, stomping Stunties, exploring massive capital cities, and battling opposing players in thrilling Realm vs. Realm combat.‚  It all sounds so great, but a closer look at the fine print may change your mind.

Besides the obvious 10-day limitation, which is equal to the trial offered by World of Warcraft, trial users are restricted to tier 1 content, and to the Capital Cities.‚ ‚  Want to sell goods at the auction house? Nope can’t do it.‚  Users on the 10 day trial can only purchase goods and receive mail, but can’t send it.‚  Furthermore, trial users are confined to designated servers, so you’re high level buddy can’t show you the ropes and ease you into the experience.

Overall, if you’ve been waiting until the price was right to try out WAR, now is a great time to jump into the world.‚  A trial is just a trial, having access to every piece of content and every feature would be silly, an MMO cannot be experienced fully in ten days, Mythic knows this and after the tenth day is hoping you’ll upgrade and explore and interact with the entire universe.

Free is free, and that feeling of “what if” will be forever erased from your mind if you decide to give it a go.‚  I got my hands on WAR at Comic Con and I was most impressed, as a recovering WoW addict it was a fresh of breath air into my Azeroth filled lungs.

Mark Jacobs, VP and General Manager of Mythic Entertainment had this to say regarding the new trial.

“A call to arms has been issued! With the new free trial we are making it possible for everyone to experience non-stop Realm vs. Realm combat wrapped up in a next generation MMO, what started out as a great game has only gotten better as the team has added an incredible amount of content with our first live expansion. For gamers that have yet to experience the glory of WAR, there is no better time to join the battle!”

See WAR official site for more information regarding the 10-day trial here.

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