Bethesda Softworks has released three new screenshots for the upcoming Fallout 3 DLC, named The Pitt.‚ ‚ The new screenshots include pictures named Trog, Steel Mill and Courtyard. ‚ Steel Mill and Courtyard show the new environments and areas. ‚ Trog is a picture of one of the many new types of enemies you will encounter in The Pitt.

The Pitt is based in the city of Pittsburgh years after a nuclear attack.‚  The Pitt, not unlike how Washington D.C. is portrayed in the basic version of Fallout 3, is full of mystery, danger and new areas to discover.‚  Your character will be posed with a quest to solve the burgeoning conflict between the Raiders and their slaves, dealing with “morally grey choices” along the way.

The Pitt will be available to Xbox 360 and Windows PC users for download later this month for 800 points / $10.‚  These are the second wave of screenshots of The Pitt that have been made available to fans.‚  You can see the other screenshots here.

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