Resident Evil 5, the latest in the survivor horror franchise from Capcom is set to release one week from tomorrow, Friday the 13th.‚  As if Friday the 13th wasn’t cursed enough, February contained a Friday the 13th as well, thus, through the properties of horror, it can be expected that next Friday will be the most dreadful day of the year.‚  Maybe that reasoning is a little off so here are some screens from Resident Evil 5’s “The Mercenaries” unlockable mini-game to hold you over for another week.

As is tradition with the Resident Evil series, upon completion of the single player campaign, a bonus game-play experience is unlocked in the form of a harrowing, frantic scramble to survive.‚  Enemies spawn continuously, ammo is scarce and the clock is ticking, on the round and on your life.‚  Combat areas will be modified levels from the story, built especially to provide the greatest challenge.

Next Friday will be a huge day for Capcom and gamers everywhere.‚  To coincide with the games release, Capcom in association with the Red Cross is sponsoring an all-day blood drive where donors can score free, limited RE5 goodies.‚  On the hardware front, Microsoft has a limited edition red Xbox 360 Elite bundled with a copy of the game, red controller, and a bunch of other goods, available for the die-hard fan.

Reports of a “series reboot” according to explain how RE5 will be the last of its kind, and while the next installment may have brand new mechanics, RE5 is nothing to scoff at.‚  Capcom has been brewing the perfect Resident Evil recipe for years and this latest iteration looks to be no different.

Awesomely awesome screens of the unlockable “The Mercenaries” mode in the gallery!

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