Phonenix Wallis, the young and ambitious peace officer from the year 2047 thought she solved the mysterious murder of fellow World Union citizen Vassily Bogdanov, but what she ended up with was‚  a more convoluted world.‚  Phoenix is haunted by terrifying nightmares and lingering questions of her past and her uncertain future.‚  Her delusional mind explodes with fear and contempt, while her inquisitive nature will stop at nothing to find the answers she so desperately seeks.

Culpa Innata, the M-rated PC adventure-strategy game released in 2007 received mostly strong reviews and with such a compelling narrative, it is no surprise a sequel is currently in the works.

Culpa Innata 2: Chaos Rising is currently in heavy development by Momentum AS, with an expected release falling in late 2009.‚  No publisher has signed on as of yet.

The journey in Chaos Rising begins with Phoenix’s trip to the Rogue States, the heart of the chaos and resistance.‚  Her goal is simple.‚  Meet the Russian detective in charge of the case, take custody of the captured murderer and transport him to the World Union to face ultimate justice.‚  That’s if everything went exactly to plan, and obviously it does not.‚  Phoenix is not the officer she used to be, unique challenges, predicaments will lead to a stunning conclusion leaving your jaw on the floor.

Chaos Rising adds an additional playable character to the mix, Anatoly Pavlov, a cynical survivor of the societal collapse.‚  Teaming up with Phoneix, the two will stare down the face of the enemy while testing their courage, determination and wits in a battle for all time.

Culpa Innata 2 will take advantage of a wealth of new game-play elements including 2 playable characters, Phoenix and Anatoly, 60 additional interactive characters and locations, non-linear game-play providing total gamer freedom, detailed side quests, environmental 3D audio and sound effects, an original soundtrack, and most interestingly, multiple alternate endings.‚  I wish video games today would add that freedom of choice more regularly, we see it time and again at varying degrees, but almost always the experience is more hype than reality.‚  Hears to hoping Innata 2 gets it right!

Culpa Innata: Chaos Rising looks to be full of just pure chaos.‚  Will Phoenix rise above her delusional and naƒ¯ve mind and restore peace and order?‚  Find out later this year when Chaos Rising hits shelves.

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