In the Resident Evil series blood is spilled, splattered, and caked in the most grotesque of ways.‚  The oxygen carrying intravenous liquid that keeps us all alive is more frequently blotched all over the ground than safely and securely within our skin in the horror franchise.‚  Screens from the newest iteration, Resident Evil 5 prove to be along the same lines.‚  Scoped in headshots with the powerful sniper rifle yield cranial explosions that send the warm red liquid flying in all directions, and without thinking, the next shot is lined up and taken.

All this blood lost seems to have finally hit Resident Evil developer and publisher Capcom, and is hosting a Blood drive next Friday the 13th to coincide with the games release.

In partnership with the American Red Cross, Capcom is inviting gamers picking up Resident Evil 5 to give back to the community in the form of pints of their precious blood.‚  In addition to helping a noble cause, fans will have the chance to get exclusive limited-edition Resident Evil 5 Blood Drive collectibles and of course free, sugar rich snacks.

Capcom will have a number of kiosks on-hand showcasing RE5 for fans to indulge in before or after going under the needle, and everyone who gives blood will receive hand-numbered stylized posters, bumper stickers, buttons and the chance to win a copy of the game as well as the exclusive limited edition console.

Giving blood is truly a noble cause, and if Resident Evil 5 freebies are what it takes for you to get there, so be it, the blood is greatly appreciated under any circumstances.

The blood drive will be held Friday March 13th 2009 from 11AM-5PM at the World of Wonder Gallery in Los Angeles CA.

Schedule an appointment here, and information regarding blood donation eligibility can be found here.

Resident Evil 5 will launch March 13th on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Resident Evil 5 official site.

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