Blending elements of the RPG, real time strategy, and shooter genres, Knights in the Nightmare, set to release exclusively on the Nintendo DS this June, just got a little sweeter.‚  ‚ ‚ Pre-order bonuses seem to be the new thing these days, and whether the prize is physical or digital, the feeling of added value is undoubtedly what publishers are after.

Atlus, publisher of Knights in the Nightmare, is offering up a CD of the games soundtrack, as well as a 7″X10″ full color art book, through their Atlus Spoils program.

The art book will feature characters, world designs, concept art, and anything else your mind can conjure.‚  As far as the soundtrack is concerned, the music in Knights is reminiscent of age old Pokemon titles, peaceful and harmonious, but also tense and nail-biting during those epic boss battles.‚  If you have a ‘video game music’ playlist on your iPod, the Knights soundtrack will fit right in.

Previous spoils from Atlus have been the hefty, image adorned, 100 page Persona 4 art book, and the Raiho plush doll with Devil Summoner 2.

But don’t run out and reserve Knights just anywhere, when Atlus says ‘Participating retailers’ they mean GameStop, EB Games (Canadian stores), GameCrazy, and Amazon.

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