Think you have what it takes to create Spore’s latest and greatest application or widget?‚  Want a free NVIDIA driver, or copy of Spore and Galactic Adventures?‚  If that sounds like you, enter the Spore API contest, and your glory will forever be remembered as equal to the imaginative prowess of Will Wright himself! Well maybe not, but still well worth your effort if you posses an uninhibited mind and tech know how.

Make use of the vast Sporepedia to build your app from scratch or download the source code here.‚  Either way, your wildest imagination is your only constraint.‚  Spore, the award winning, imaginatively limitless title, was spawned on ingenuity and aims to continue that success with Galactic Adventures, releasing later on this year.

If you must borrow on the ideas of others, check out this gallery, created by the Maxis team‚ with the Spore API, including a creature battle, aquarium, and a buddy browser.

I was sold on the creature creator, available for free download here, which allows you to fully create a totally unique creature, teach it to dance, and show it to the world.‚  Thank goodness evolution didn’t happen the way I imagined or the world would be inhabited by yellow, one-eyed monsters. Phew.

How to Submit:

  • To enter, e-mail a link to your application to: [email protected]
  • All original applications created using the Spore API will be accepted, and you can enter as many applications as you’d like!
  • The deadline to submit your app is April 6th, 2009


Grand Prize: NVIDIA graphics card

First runner up: Copy of Spore game and Spore Galactic Adventures

Second runner up: Copy of Spore Galactic Adventures

For full submission guidelines and contest info, visit:

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