Remember NBC’s reality show Fame?

You do? Wow good memory. It was really just a hypothetical question.

Well remember the blonde, Californian girl who made the Top Twelve?

No? Well, that’s okay. Who can possibly keep track of the thousands upon thousands of reality stars that grace/contaminate our TV screens?

Now in keeping with reality television tradition most contestants usually fade back into the relative obscurity from whence they came, except on the rare occasion that the contestant shows a modicum of talent.

Such is the case with Lauren Hildebrandt, that blond Californian girl who lost out in Fame but has been kicking ass on the dance music scene with a little bit more than just a modicum of talent.

Lauren or “Hildy” has already achieved success beyond that of the usual reality television ex-pat with her singles “Burnin’ Out,” “Dance With You” and “My Life Again” making the Billboard club chart Top 20.

Now she is back with her new single “Boyshorts” from the soon to be released album Not Really a Waitress.

While this is her first foray into mainstream pop music, Lauren is ready to reinvent her musical style and what better way to do it than with a song about sexy women who know how to get what they want.

“I suppose the new track is a bit more daring and sassy for me, but hey, that makes it fun!” she said recently.

She is also in the good hands of acclaimed producers The Senate – the Grammy award winning team who have worked on songs for both Britney Spears and Mary J Blige.

“Working on this new single with The Senate was probably the best experience I have yet to have in the studio,” she said. “I love the new vibe so much I recorded my entire debut album with them. ‚ We just clicked and worked magic together!”

Her album “Not Really a Waitress” is set to debut mid-March and features 5 tracks Hildebrandt co-wrote.

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Liz Rennie is a Blast staff reporter in Brisbane, Australia.

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